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Parkwood Corporation
Corporate Counsel The
The mission of the Parkwood legal department is to provide high quality service, integrity and fairness to Parkwood and its clients. It adds value by developing and continually monitoring specifically tailored "best practices" aimed at solving the needs of the Mandel family in the areas of personal legal
, estate and tax planning, and investment implementation. In order to ensure that Parkwood meets its goals, it is continually searching for high-quality legal talent. One area of particular growth for Parkwood is the legal complexity of its investment decisions. Parkwood had developed a closely directed, effective means of evaluating, selecting and monitoring superior investment funds which employ a variety of investment strategies. The most sought after investment funds almost always limit number of possible investors ("slots") in order to satisfy the securities law of the United States. In addition, Parkwood has begun establishing its own investment funds for direct investments in the areas of private equity and
real estate
(both domestic and international). The Parkwood legal team has needed to respond by creating complex legal structures that allow Mandel family members to invest as one seamless entity, but still allow for the family's need for liquidity and flexibility. Duties and Responsibilities 1. Structuring, negotiating, executing and monitoring complex family investment
that must satisfy the securities and tax laws of both the United States and various international countries; 2. Review and negotiate the terms of alternative investment partnerships in various asset
such as hedged equity, absolute return, long-only equity, commodities, private equity and real estate; 3. Advise Parkwood and its clients on general corporate issues, contracts, insurance, real estate, employment and compliance issues; and 4. Review and prepare contracts, real estate documents, limited partnership agreements and subscription agreements Specific Work Experience and Background Desired1. Candidate should have a broad knowledge of general corporate law - a strong knowledge of investments and structuring investment vehicles is a plus. 2. Minimum of 6 - 8 years' experience with a law firm or corporate law department. 3. Graduate of an accredited law school in top 10% of class. 4. Must be licensed to practice law in
. 5. Strong intellectual, communication and interpersonal skills. 6. Highly motivated, creative and resourceful; a self-starter. MYK62683JR

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