Product Engineer - Aerospace

Company Name:
Hunter-Ross LLC
Product Engineer - Aerospace/
Cleveland, OH

The Product Engineer requires a strong technical background coupled with good communication skills and an understanding of the electronic manufacturing process. The
requirements focus on Customer Support, Product Design and Internal Support.

Experience with the RTCA/DO-160 Test Requirements.
Experience with Aviation specific electronic assembly development/qualification/agency certification
Experience managing front end product development processes.
Support component selection and recommendations.
Comfortable leading discussion with customer and or internal team members.
Manage all technical or engineering related issues with respective customer.
Knowledgeable of customer expectations beyond engineering related functions.
Support Marketing Group with engineering input during customer visits or audits.
Support and communicate with various customer contacts such as Buyers, Quality and Sales representatives.
Manage new product introductions through the Prototype and Pre-Production processes.
Document customer engineering changes and determine the impact of these changes on other processes.
Initiate and coordinate the design of custom manual and automatic test equipment.
Develop test procedures or test specifications.
Evaluate and develop appropriate device or assembly level programming processes.
Recommend alternate devices to improve functionality, quality or cost targets.
Manage end of life or discontinued components and potential options with the customer.
Coordinate design, manufacturability, test and quality data and feedback for respective customers.
Direct the activities of entry level engineering and technician personnel.
Take lead role in coordinating activities and solutions within the company to resolve problems affecting customer.

Education/Experience/Credentials: BSEE or BSEET.
Five plus years experience in related functions described under essential duties.

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