Company Name:
Hudec Dental
Analyst The primary function of the Analyst is to evaluate the current and future position of Hudec Dental. The Analyst is responsible for formulating and interpreting a comprehensive representation of the practice beginning from an individual provider standpoint through the entirety of all the offices. Essential Duties and Responsibilities The following is a list of responsibilities associated with the Analyst but is not exhaustive nor a complete, comprehensive list of the duties required and expected of the Analyst; additional duties may be assigned as needed.- Analyze and process all reporting functions to have an overall understanding of the performance of all entities within the Company - Perform statistical analysis, including but not limited to active patient base, return ratio of patients, treatment plan rates, competitor comparison, etc. - Generate daily, weekly and monthly reports, including but not limited to, production per visit, month-to-date revenue, provider rankings, individual production findings, accounts receivable, new patient (ie sealants, perio, etc.) and all reports. - Breakdown each report to understand changes from previous timeframes, identify trends and recommend necessary movement for continuous positive growth - Develop and analyze process of write offs and adjustments - Strategize the needs and form solutions for the business through the aspects of the Company's current and future position in the industry (ie, new offices or discontinuation of current offices) - Understand the operations of each office through the break down of the patient base, new patient ratio, etc. - Produce reports in a timely fashion and understand deadlines. - Develop and determine the most efficient means to operate an office, including but not limited to hours of operation, staffing, software, etc. - Prepare a portfolio for each provider, summarizing actual production vs. established goals, highlighting the variance and proposing recommendations for the following year - Prepare a portfolio for each
, summarizing actual office production vs. established goals, highlighting the variance and proposing recommendations for the following year - Customize reports for the lab for continued financial success - Evaluate insurance plans and sort plans into sensible categories - Analyzing historical data for trends and unusual variances and developing future goals. - Month end financial analysis and comparisons of each office to previous months/years. - Determine best reports suited for practice, office, and providers. Figure out which reports are useful and determine best way to display data. - Backup person for troubleshooting equipment such as
, phone, voicemail, fax, copier, email, backups, pagers - Keep inventory of technology equipment and detailed list of users and passwords - Assist with special requests needed for reports - Back up to answering DV phones - Assist offices with miscellaneous requests pertaining to Dental software and develop any standard reports needed - Additional duties as assigned by the President, COO or
Education: Bachelor's degree Experience: 0-2 years Computer Skills: Clinical software used in the office, Microsoft Office Special Requirements/Certifications Required: N/A Language Skills Ability to respond to patient inquiries, and effectively communicate with patients and others within the organization. Ability to effectively present information to patients. If you are interested, please send resume COMPANY DESCRIPTION Over thirty-five years ago, Hudec Dental started as one neighborhood dental office in the city of Cleveland. We have taken that same community-friendly spirit to each of our 17 present day locations. Our business is focused on bringing the most modern dental care into established neighborhoods. We have a large, diverse team of dental professionals so any kind of patient is able to find a relationship with which to feel at ease. Our quality dental work makes people smile. Our inviting staff makes people smile. Our loyalty to our
makes people smile. EOE This job description reflects the anticipated duties of the position; however, responsibilities may evolve and change as business dictates MYK62683JR

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